Searching for Serenity 

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Conscious Breath

My line work lives between each breath, and each breath lives amongst the hairs of my brush.  With each stroke I am rendering real some semblance of the breath, an essence full of emotion that embodies the emotions in form. 

Mixed Tension 

Color is not an abstract idea. It can punch and kick.

In the distant lands of Tibet, monk artist produce color from a rigorous process and intensive labor.  Specific to this, the King’s Yellow requires muscles and strength, while dark blue needs patience and fine grinding.  Equally, in my work I accept the difference in color as a mantra of two opposites.  Strength like the forest, where life both thrives and relishes in leisure is the embodiment of this duality.  Similarly, the powerful yellow and the mysterious blue coexist, working together to balance the uplifting temple red, and resulting in an enlivening ephemeral experience.


DaVinci Bear
No. 2

Live with it now


"The brushstroke etiquette."

— Way to the awareness

Girl :
No. 11

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Raising Permanence

My sense of immovable form, of those things that posses a strong presence and a sense of forever, is inspired by the rising of the snow-capped peaks and plateaus that define the distant sky of Sichuan.  This permanent state of being challenges the movement of each breath and defines the uncertainty of stillness in each moment.  I understand seeing as climbing over a mountain, which expands and contracts from the experience of our surroundings, influencing the passing of time through the framing of light in the present.   All these elements together that we have been given to experience give sense to the image.