Fate, Face, Face Book (unfinished) 2017   

Fate, Face, Face Book (unfinished) 2017


Ziui Chen Vance

I am interested in the melancholy portrayal of sexuality as an isolation of color in opposition to the authority of modern media, and as a discussion of boundaries contemporary women face. I understand “boundary” as a means of rethinking a range of social and ethical situations, as well as suggestive of ulterior narratives between expectation, satisfaction, and inadequacy. 

I capture these feelings as a ritual of painting for an audience from my perception of personal image and engaging an external world that I do not have access to other than through social media.


2015 Great Michigan Fine Art Competition, Juror’s Recognition Award
2015 Williams Prize in Drawing for Emerging Artists, Honorable Mention


Work in collections of

1998-Present, 100+ works in private collections internationally

2005 Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, ChongQing, China
2007 Academy of Art & Design, Beijing, Tsinghua University